Hemorrhoid Banding & How It Works

by Holly Hayden

A popular conventional method to treat hemorrhoids that springs up is hemorrhoid banding. This means using the rubber band to eliminate the hemorrhoid over a period.

The way it works is the doctor will place a band that tightens around the swelling tissue. By blocking the pain receptors, it creates relief and also cuts off the blood supply to this swollen vein. In time, it will simply shrink out.

Note that this may not be a true healing because the deeper vascular structure has not healing and has only created a response to the lack of circulation created from the banding operation. Normally banding operations can be out of the hospital or clinic the same day. The rubber band falls off later on in most cases.

In my opinion, I do not recommend this because there is a stronger cure. It can be seen via the thousands who have succeeded easily with the H Miracle system.

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