How To Cure Hemorrhoids - various methods to treat

by Holly Hayden

If you have suffered from hemorrhoids, you probably know some the various methods below. I'm going to name some of them to you, tell you my honest opinion and then you can decide what may work best for you.

1. Creams and gels

These are usually safe and create a soothing effect on the tissue itself and you may apply this anytime. They may even come in the form of ointments to be dropped on. The main disadvantage of these are they focus on a temporal hemorrhoid relief instead of actually curing the root. Once the soothing is gone, the symptoms can flare up again.

2. Pills

Many popular brands use pills as a way to help regulate healthy blood flow and can help with the digestive process. From my personal experience, if they are not an outright placebo effect, many of them require consuming regularly to ensure a well-run digestive track. This relieves any strain on the rectal area but does little else to the problem itself. 

3. Surgery

Solves the problem without a question, except the side-effects and pain can be very intolerable. Sometimes, this may require a follow-up because of the healing process and if you get another flare-up, another operation can be inevitable.

4. Cryotherapy

This involves freezing the hemorrhoid area and shrinking the tissue through de-circulation. As a side effect, one may have damaged nerve endings if one is not careful and risk leakage. Whatever you do, please consult a professional only.

There are more of course, but those are the main four that are commonly used.

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