How To Cure Hemorrhoids - why surgery is not for everyone

by Holly Hayden

Are you considering hemorrhoid surgery? If so, you've come to the right place for information because thousands of people are getting this done without knowing fully what they are getting into.

Hemorrhoid surgery has been around for a long time and has been the conventional answer to most hemorrhoid sufferer's problems. After a futile experience with suppositories or pills, you have to decide what next?

The surgical process is one where the surgeon cuts open the vein in your rectum and uses staples or some other form of adhesion to make it not bulge anymore.

Most of us will end up submitting to surgery because that's really the one thing that gets rid of the inflamed tissue down under. The problem is that you should investigate whether it's worth it or not. For some, they'd rather wait until it fully heals on its own. For others, they regret having the surgery because the scar does not heal properly and you may have to walk in for another operation.

Another thing to remember is that hemorrhoid surgery can be very painful and even cause side-effects such as leakage. The best thing to do is to ask someone who has had the operation before and see what they think of it. Most will have gotten over it in time but if given the choice to naturally heal it, would have taken the higher route.

There are also many alternatives coming out such as cryotherapy or laser and these also do a good job at the tissue, but also come with side-effects. For example, with cryotherpy, you may end up with damaged nerves over time. Simply, that's not desirable is it?

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