What Are Hemroids Exactly?

by Holly Hayden

Are you suffering any of the following symptoms below?

    - Bleeding during a bowel movement

    - Itching or burning near the anal area?

    - Pain during a bowel movement due to hard stool

    - anything that feels remotely like these... such as a lump outside the anus?

These are also known as "piles" or hemorrhoids. Do not mistaken the spelling as many do.

If you are, then it is best to consult your doctor if you are uncertain. However, I'll bet it's most likely hemorrhoids. It's not life-threatening or anything but will be a great cause of embarrassment, annoyance, pain, and potential complications. Basically, what has happened is a vein in your rectal area has ruptured from some force (constipation making hard stool, pregnancy for women, dryness of anal wall, etc). This can create an inflamed or enlarged vein which may be aggravated by more force. Even sitting down can cause itching or pain in severe cases so it's important to be careful about these.

There are many ways to relieve a hemorrhoid and usually people use creams and ointments for soothing the tissue. This provides some temporal relief. It's important to remember that hemorrhoids are not a disease usually but rather a condition analogous to a wound having a hard time to heal since it's in such a delicate spot of the body.

Repeated aggravations are what cause hemorrhoids to bulge out into the size of golf balls and can be stranded outside the anus (called prolapsed). Many people unfortunately resort to surgical procedures for this. I personally recommend trying the H Miracle system as a sure-fire natural way to cure them fast.

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