External Vs. Internal Hemorrhoids & How to Treat Them

by Holly Hayden

I want to make a distinction for everyone who has hemorrhoids on whether they have internal or external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are those which occur outside the rectum and anal areas so that it's almost like a skin irritation and it can be painful, itch, or even bleed. They can swell and with enough irritation, it can lead to thrombosis. This is where a blood clot can develop

On the other hand, many people have internal hemorrhoids and may see signs of bleeding on their stool but not feel so much pain, if any at all. This means the hemorrhoid vein is developed inside the rectal areas. There are less or no pain receptors depending on the exact location.

In the worse case scenario, internal hemorrhoids can be stressed to the point that they prolapsed and this means it drips outside the anus from gravity and swelling. One can generally push the prolapsed one back but not always. In the grade 3 or grade 4 level hemorrhoids, it becomes very difficult.

One should also be aware of the type they suffer from because they will know how to best use natural hemorrhoid treatments for full elimination in the shortest time possible.

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