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My TWO Personal Anti-Cancer Methods

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Let me first tell you my own methods that you can apply to your

My TWO Personal Anti-Cancer Methods

1. Get in the habit of eating yams and sweet potatoes.

The nutrition value of these FAR surpasses other things which we
normally think will help prevent cancer. If one studies the
Earth’s populations with the lowest cancer rates, you will find
this diet as a habit of many. Just add one at dinner. They are cheap
and can be made delicious!

The second benefit is that the fiber content inside can help “clean”
out your system … which helps at a faster rate.

2. Sleep in total darkness

This is a long overlooked one because in this day and age, people
stay up late with artificial lighting and all that what-not. What
happens is that when your biological clock is not optimal, it affects
EVERYTHING. This is indeed one of the easiest ways for cancer’s
pre-cursors to creep up. Trust me on this.

So what do I do? I made sure I sleep in total darkness and turn off
all the cell phones and beepers and electronics that have a red dot.
Even smoke detectors… try to buy ones without a 24-7 red lighting.
Remember, your bedroom and rest is like your sanctuary!

Health TIP: how to reverse nearsightedness back to 20-20 vision without surgery or glasses

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

This post might apply to you or someone you love. Today, I want to teach you a little TRICK you can use to correct myopia or nearsightedness - Note: Even if you’re not nearsighted, please pass this technique on to someone you love or care for who is nearsighted. I wish to help as many people as I can!

WHY do people become nearsighted?

We’ve seen that 95%+ cases are due to an unnatural amount of
near-work demanded by our modern information-focused society. This
is NOT how our ancestors operated. As we know, our bodies have not
evolved fast enough to accommodate for all this desk/computer/near
work that we and our children are pressured into on a daily basis.

So what happens when we get a lot of near work? Our eyes have to
work harder. Basically, our eyes have to bend light using a the
ciliary muscles- and after enough exertion, it becomes unnatural
yet you don’t feel it. Due to these increased pressures in your eye
which you don’t feel, your eye actually gets a large layer of fluid
over time. This makes the eye “longer” in a sense.

Ultimately, this pushes back the retina… a farther distance than
what is ideal for 20-20 vision. And what happens? The eyes are
accustomed fine to near work, but suddenly, the longer eye can’t
focus very well on far away things. Thus nearsightedness!

Trust me on this John. I may not be an optician or
ophthalmologist, but trust me… I’ve done enough research for the
sake of my friends including you, my clients, and even my children.
So how did I get rid of nearsightedness in my 9-year old daughter?

I’ll reveal the exercise here:

Cure Nearsightedness Naturally

(or at least stop progression!)

1. Go to the pharmacy at your local area and buy a pair of READING
glasses with a +1.00 diopter prescription. Ask the service rep if
you need help locating this.

2. Wear these glasses and read some text. Push it away from your
eyes UNTIL you get a little blur on the edges of the words.

3. Now squint and focus, closing and rolling your eyes, then re-open
… trying to “clear up” the blurred edges. This is KEY.

4. Now push the text further.

Keep repeating this little trick until you can move the text further
and further. You will notice your vision getting better at seeing
far away things soon! Even if you don’t see the vast improvement,
the very least I can guarantee is that you can HALT the progression
of nearsightedness. That in itself is wonderful and can save a life
away from thick and debilitating glasses.

One caveat here: try to wear glasses or contact lenses only when
needed! Because they can reverse the effect of this exercise if you
wear them too much. Contact me if you need personal help with the
exercise! :)

How to lower high blood pressure & not smell up a room ;)

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Now… I never shared this with you but I recall I used to tell my neighbor all the time to eat one clove of garlic (raw garlic) per day. He wouldn’t listen to me and kept saying “oh, this thing will get real stinky!”. Lo and behold… and sadly… just last week, I was informed by Henry’s wife that he suffered a heart attack but is recovering well. Most importantly, the PRE-CURSOR to Henry’s heart attack I was told was his high blood pressure, which I advised him personally years ago to consume his daily garlic. This is why I need to write this valuable tip about garlic to you. I don’t want you to make the same mistake ok?

According to CNN on TV, the truth that garlic has health benefits is
nothing new. Since at least 1500 BC, healers in China and India have
used the odiferous bulb as a blood thinner. Hippocrates, the father
of modern medicine, used it to treat cervical cancer. Louis Pasteur
reported on garlic’s antibacterial and antifungal powers, which
inspired Albert Schweitzer to use it against dysentery in Africa.

But now, a team of researchers from the Cardiovascular Research
Center at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine have
learned how freshly crushed garlic — as opposed to dried or
cooked garlic — protects the heart.

Why is fresh garlic better?

“Freshly crushed garlic generates hydrogen sulfide, a gas that is
also generated from rotten egg,” says study coauthor Dipak K. Das,
PhD, ScD, a professor and director at the Cardiovascular Research
Center. “Although this gas in excess may become poisonous, in
small quantities it functions as an intracellular signaling compound
and can protect the heart.”

Because the hydrogen sulfide is a short-lived gas, it disappears
when garlic is dried, processed, or cooked, he adds.

Dried or processed garlic does retain its antioxidant effects,
however, and helps protect against free radical damage — but not
to the extent that fresh garlic does.

In the study, published in the August 12 issue of the Journal of
Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the scientists gave freshly crushed
garlic and dried garlic to two groups of lab rats, then studied
how well the animals’ hearts recovered from simulated heart attacks.

“Both fresh and processed garlic reduced damage from lack of
oxygen, but the fresh garlic had a significantly greater effect
on restoring good blood flow in the aorta, and it increased pressure
in the heart’s left ventricle,” Das says.

Lowering blood pressure without killing your social life

Now back to lowering blood pressure and ultimately avoiding heart
disease … how exactly do we do it without smelling up the room??

1. The first thing is to mix the fresh garlic with HONEY.
This is for the taste.

2. The second thing is to eat some parsley after it.
This is for the breath.

Try that ok? I hope that will make your garlic intake not only
healthy but also more enjoyable knowing that you are doing the BEST
you can for your most valuable asset- your body and health!

Leave comments :)

Sincerely and with lots of love,


Quote of the day

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green veggies smelled as good as fries and bacon ;)

Treating Bowel Obstruction without Surgery

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Causes of Bowel Obstruction
Small bowel obstruction (SBO) is usually caused by adhesions that occur in the small intestines (small bowels). Post-surgical adhesions are the leading cause of blockage in the small intestines; they cause 60% of all small bowel obstructions. SBO is quite prevalent, and it accounts for 20% of all acute surgical admissions in the USA.1
Adhesions and Bowel Obstruction
Adhesion formation in the small bowel is generally a gradual process. Adhesions form in the bowel after surgery, inflammation or infection, and can partially or totally block the intestines over time.
While total small bowel obstruction is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate hospitalization, recent data shows that partial bowel obstruction may be reversible by a program of physical therapy designed to decrease or eliminate adhesions. Thus, the progression to total obstruction and surgery may be delayed or eliminated by non-surgical means.
Adhesions formation is often a gradual process that occurs after a trauma, surgery, infection or inflammation.
Surgical Treatment May Cause Recurring Obstructions
Historically, partial bowel obstruction often led to total bowel obstruction, followed by emergency surgery. Since surgery is also the leading cause of bowel obstruction, many patients found themselves in an ongoing cycle of surgery-adhesions-surgery as both surgeon and patient tried to cope with the near-inevitable formation of adhesions after surgery. Surgeons use various methods to try to decrease reformation of adhesions, but ongoing studies yielding statistics like those above show that post-surgical adhesion prevention remains an elusive goal.
Non-Surgical Treatment: The Wurn Technique
A new manual physical therapy called the Wurn Technique is designed to reduce or eliminate adhesions. This therapy is helping people who suffer recurrent small bowel obstruction or abdominal adhesions break the cycle of surgery and adhesions, and return to a pain-free, functional lifestyle – without surgery.
Patient Shares Success Story
VIDEO: A previous patient shares his story of overcoming bowel obstruction after being treated with the Wurn Technique at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Click to watch.

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Health Quote of the Day

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.

Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

Video that you should watch especially if you have growing kids …

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

see this video below:

Quirky Quote of the Day

Friday, June 5th, 2009

“The first wealth is health.” - Anonymous

Natural Hemorrhoid Medicine & Medical Resources

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Hope all’s well today!

I ran across this interesting little tool for those ever needing help with medical symptoms. I personally think it organizes better than Google or the main search engines even!

It’s called medgle:

Try it out and let me know what you think.

I used it to help a client find out if they are really suffering from hemorrhoids or not and sure enough they were after checking in the symptoms. I then immediately suggested to them to use the natural approaches and not resort to surgery - once again another success story with Hemorrhoid Miracle’s cure.

This is coming from a patient who was suffering painful piles and had to quit her job as a receptionist because it got so unbearable sittingdown all day. Remember, in natural therapy… little things and habits matter such as what foods to eat, how you spend your day, etc.

Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees and try to look for this eternal solution when all it takes is a series of little known natural rememdies and a full adjust of habits. That’s it!

Big eaters need to read this …. especially hemorrhoid sufferers

Thursday, November 27th, 2008


I’m about to go out and have some Thanksgiving dinner with my family
… Mmmmmm, thinking of all the yumminess that will come to my

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy…. all the succulent good stuff!

Now, the following applies to anyone who eats a huge meal without
thinking about it.

Just don’t forget a few things guys:

1. Drink a glass of water before you splurge. Trust me, this will
regular how much you binge eat.

2. Take a walk sometime after you eat. It will definitely help
your digestion

3. Make sure you eat slow and ENJOY! This regulates how you feel
fullness. It also helps you from gaining excessive weight.

These are my tips to keep in mind…. because I myself am quite
a binge eater - in the past and even today!

Ciao and seeya soon!