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Why the majority fail at hemorrhoid treatment

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

This is an interesting paradox I’d like to bring up today….

I had my friend Jane call me the other day and say she was so happy
to have cured her hemorrhoids using natural pills. I would have
recommended the H Miracle to her (had it failed) but I suppose her
treatment was so good, she did not need H Miracle.

But that’s not the whole story….

She revealed it all to me later because I wanted to pick her brain
on how this type of remedy worked for her but never myself and countless

You see… Jane tried for over 3 weeks while on the treatment,
she later revealed…. it was not easy and she kept taking it and
the problem would keep coming back over at first.

A bit later into the story, she confesses something that is
shared with everyone… she did not habitually allow the healing
to take place. For example, if you place a healing cream on your
hemorrhoid and you go out and engage in anal sex, then you are in
big trouble.

That may be an extreme example, however little things can add up
such as applying an ointment one minute and then wiping too hard
with toilet paper the next bowel movement.

Seriously, it takes a small bit of discipline, yes, but once the
hemorrhoid is healed…. you can go back to your normal routines
but it’s very important to make sure you get into the disciplined
while the curing process is taking effect.

For example, when I cured my hemorrhoids, I made sure there was one
week I did not engage in heavy weight lifting at all. This did wonders
for my situation.

It’s not that bad, just make sure a few things are in line and
you’ll be fine.



Hemorrhoid cushions and why I love them so much.

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I’ve been using a hemorrhoid cushion for quite a while now. I don’t need it for the hemorrhoid anymore, but it’s because I simply like the feel of it behind me while sitting or even lying around to read a book.

Modern ergonomics has come a long way towards giving you this benefit. So take advantage of it. I bought mine here and I totally recommend it for you as well.

If you work for long hours at your desk like myself (I do accounting and writing) then you’ll really appreciate it.

I’m even going to give one to my son and daughter and see how they enjoy it. It’s also hemorrhoids prevention in action :)

Famous Quote of the day

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

“Drugs do what they claim to do… they get rid of pain and suppress disease… but they do not cure.”     Dr. B. Jensen.

Simple trick to prevent hemorrhoid aggravation

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Hey guys!
I wanted to show you a simple trick that can help anyone who has
suffered hemorrhoids. Every single time we make a strain on the
rectal wall… whether it be bowel movements or simply heavy
weightlifting, we can be placing undue pressure on a hemorrhoid.

This can be especially aggravating if the hemorrhoid is bleeding
or ruptured. So listen closely here because even if you’ve already
cured them, you should still keep this in mind for future prevention.

Remember… prevention is the 1st choice for health care.

Whenever you have a bowel movement, there is bacteria that can stay
along the outer rectal area naturally. If you have a bleeding
piles or hemorrhoids, then this bacteria can collect near it and in
some cases even infect it. What does it all come down to?

An aggravated hemorrhoid!

So here’s what I want you to keep in mind….

After each bowel movement, use a moistened piece of toilet paper
and simply wipe the bottom so that it’s clean. Use lukewarm water
for this and it’s one of the easiest ways to soothe this area.

I cannot stress this enough as a daily practice especially if you
feel dry down there.

It’s always wise to wash your bottom area every night to make sure
the area is fully cleaned with warm water during a bath.

I hope this tip can help you with consistency applied.