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What to do when you’ve already had hemorrhoid surgery?

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Just last week, I had a consultation with a client of mine  (name not revealed) who recently came out of a surgical procedure. The problem he was describing to me was that he lost some control over his sphincter. This can lead to several things and causes contraction of the anal muscles to malfunction.

What can he do?

I’ll be answerting this on behalf of many readers as I suspect the same may happen to some who go for the surgical route.

Always see if your doctor provides follow-up therapy for this. This means months (sometimes) of re-training the muscle so that it can get back in its original nervous shape hopefully. Exercise of the nerves is KEY.

The second thing to perform is to stimulate the area using various alternative “blood circulating” herbs. These can do wonders in the process.

I want to give you these two tips at first and I may dedicate a later post on this issue.  I also recommend some of the prevention techniques inside the hemorrhoid miracle system to be used in conjunction. These are the most ideal ways to help yourself transition through back to a state thart’s best as you can possibly make it.

Why I’d personally avoid hemorrhoidectomy surgery?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Hemorrhoidectomy is the official term for the surgery that millions get to solve their pain once and for all. At least they think…. the problem with these procedures is that they are IREVERSIBLE.

It’s not even like the reams where you can stop their uselessness in one day and go back to the original state. This is permanent stuff. Please be careful.  For those I know, it just never heals correctly and people have problems over and over again, not that you’d ever know since they are embarrassed to speak of it!

I’d compare it to LASIK surgery where the corneal flap is cut and totally not reversible. Do not play with your body even if the media tells you it’s the “official method”.